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Who is Dewi Kreckman?

Introducing Dewi Kreckman, an entrepreneur with 22 years of experience, internationally recognized for her achievements. She is not only a seasoned business coach but also an influential figure with a dedicated following of over 200,000 across various platforms.

Now, you have the exclusive chance to collaborate directly with Dewi herself. Uncover the invaluable insights she possesses on building a captivating personal brand, harnessing the power of social media to fuel business growth, and achieving the recognition you aspire to.

Dewi Kreckman's childhood story...

Dewi Kreckman was born into a financially struggling family, and her challenges began early on. Her father had abandoned them when she was just a baby, leaving her mother as the sole provider. Unfortunately, her mother had not completed her Junior High School education and had to make ends meet by working as a house cleaner in their neighborhood.

Despite the difficult circumstances, Dewi's entrepreneurial spirit shone through. Armed with a mere $3.5 as her initial capital, she embarked on her very first business venture. Determined to make a difference, Dewi began collecting waste materials and ingeniously transformed them into beautiful crafts. With her creativity and resourcefulness, she turned trash into treasure.

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